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Gareth will be at the HAI show in Dallas from the 5th until the 10th March. Please call or email here and leave a message for further information.

G2C are an exciting new consultancy and marketing service formed by one of the most experienced and industry renowned personality in the field of EO/IR operations. From independent all-encompassing assessment of your mission profile (relevant to role equipment) to ancillary equipment to further enhance day to day operations G2consulting has the experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry for you to better understand the complexities of the EO/IR world.

Combining many years of engineering, marketing and sales experience in satellite control, ground and airborne LoS and BLoS communications, radar, electronic warfare, electro-optic and infrared stabilized airborne surveillance/targeting systems. ITAR & non-ITAR

EOIR Trolleys

EOIR Camera and Searchlight Trolleys: for all camera sizes from 10” to 20” turrets. Low clearance for belly-mounted sensors. Flightline, maintenance and laboratory trolleys. Non-ITAR. Single model that can expand to accommodate turrets from 10” to 20” diameter.

G2C’s combined and unsurpassed experience and expertise will bring an exuberance to the mission planning table, negating the oft repeated, ’vested interest’, conflict of interest’ and outright ‘nepotism’ accusations often associated with the Government level ASU equipment acquisition’s.

As we say...

“Our experience is yours for the asking”  


Our experience is yours for the asking”

G2Consulting Our experience is yours for the asking.

G2C’s proven track record, within all aspects of European and international trade shows, from knowing which are the prime shows for your products, to planning and execution and finally nailing down solid potential end user customers will reduce your success and access times, into new markets, by years.

Gareth will again be Chairman at the PAvCon Conference 2017 which will be held at Doncaster UK on June 5-6-7. For more details click here.

“Our experience is yours for the asking”   

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